DBMS Mini Project topics with source Code

DBMS Mini Project topics with source code

If you’re here, you must be looking for DBMS Mini Project topics with source code. This blog will cover all project ideas that you can do for your DBMS Mini projects.

Before moving on to the project ideas I want you to read this blog. If I am not wrong this may be your college project either in the 5th or 6th sem. In the subject of DBMS, there is a theory subject and a practical or lab is DBMS mini project.

I want you to do this project with full attention and whatever you do try to understand, How this is working? The aim of learning this subject is to learn the practical implementation of it. And for that, You need to do projects like the below I will be mentioning.

The DBMS mini-project will help you to understand the databases and how to work on them. You have to learn the system of Database Management System.

My experience with the DBMS Mini Project

I was in the same situation a few years back during my engineering journey, My project for DBMS was ” Metro rail Management System“. The language I choose for this was java. At that time I was only aware of java and C. So, java was the best choice for me.

Since I was a late runner, Many of the popular topics were already chosen by my colleagues and I was left helpless to choose ” Metro rail Management System“. And I also find the source code of it on the internet. So, We downloaded the project and went with the project.

The time had come to start doing a project and I opened the project and I thought I just need to set up the environment for JSP( Java server pages) in eclipse and I am ready to go.

But in the downloaded project, there was the missing database, front-end pages, and many other documents. I planned to do it anyway.

So I started my project and the first thing I had to design is Database Schema I designed it after visiting so many websites and finally my work on the database schema was done.

Now, It was time to implement it and so I first started creating my tables one by one and making sure the primary keys and foreign keys are well specified.

Database tables were created, and I started inserting data for the database. After the insertion of data now it’s time to query the database and check that database is working fine. I find some issues and later it worked fine after making some changes.

At last, I designed the front end using HTML and CSS and I was ready with this project. I learned a lot of things during this project.

The best thing I learned, copying the project is not bad, If you learn how the project is working? If you know, What every line of code means? Finally, try to make some changes to the original project with your own idea.

Stop copy-pasting and not looking into code even once

I hope you will put the effort into learning things. This will improve you for your next coming projects. Now, let’s move to the DBMS Mini Project topics with source code.

DBMS Mini Project topics with source code

1. Metro Rail Management System DBMS Mini project(JSP)

Metro Rail Management System is a DBMS project that offers the functionality to manage the metro rail services. The metro rail system will have a home page where all the services and information will be listed as list as a button or link.

The services such as checking the metro rail timing at a particular station, and the fare between two stations, the user can apply a request for the metro card. All these features will be added to the portal. 

There will be an admin panel to manage the services from the front end such as adding new stations, adding a new train, adding new routes, adding distance between two stations, viewing metro card applications, etc.

All these functionalities should be added to the admin panel. The database will be created to handle all these queries. 




2. Hospital Management System DBMS mini project

Hospital Management system is a DBMS project that manages the functionalities of hospital services. The services such as users can view the list of doctors for a particular date, and the availability of doctors on which day of the week.

The user can book an appointment for a particular doctor on a particular date. The booking appointment needs the user to signup a form and registers with an email or number.

The admin panel should have functionalities such as managing doctors on the upcoming date, viewing the appointment for a particular date, manages the number of patients who can book for each doctor on a particular date. The fees for each doctor should be mentioned at the time of booking.

3. College Database Management System 

College Database Management System is a DBMS mini project where all paper works can be computerized such as handling the information of students and teachers and managing the departments and subjects.

This database will have a lot of other data and maintain good accessibility and security which is managed by the admin. This database will have a great front-end design that will be user-friendly and hence accessible to the students and teachers.

There should be a news board in this project to announce any information directly on the portal and hence reducing the human effort of sending emails and WhatsApp messages.

The login and register form for registering students and they can view their profile. This database mini-project will help you with the basics of database operations. 

4. Library Management System

Library management system is a DBMS mini project that offers functionalities such as detailed information about the books, the price of the book, and the availability of the books for issuance. The user will be able to issue a book on it.

The registration and login credentials will be maintained to identify students and their allowed books has to be listed with a due date of return. This library system will have listed a total number of books with their status.

All these things are maintained by an automated service and hence don’t require the boring manual work of maintaining the library. 

5. Online Retail Management System

Online retail management system will manage the products and their availability in stocks. The users can view all the products available and maintain their prices with all necessary details about the product.

This system will allow users to register and log in through their credentials and add items to their cart. The total values of the selected items can be seen and hence order can be done.

The payment options are also given to the users and offer them cash on the delivery system to non-online payers. The system will help in further digitization of the small stores.

6. Payroll Management System

The payroll management system is a DBMS mini project that manages the salaries along with the necessary details. The project will manage the information on paid and unpaid salaries. 

Thi swill calculates the salary based on the attendance, taxes, and social security numbers of the company workers. The details of paid workers and the amount with the date and a receipt to be printed whenever required.

Adding features such as the options to add workers, edit the data of the workers, and delete the data of workers ( CRUD operation ) will greatly help the manager to maintain data and changes easily.

This type of project will help to understand the working of the Database and the CRUD operation with clarity.

7. Cooking Recipe Management

 Cooking recipe management is an intermediate-level DBMS project in which there is a portal with all the recipes and detailed information on the ingredients list.

The portal will have a list of categories such as starter recipes, breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, appetizer recipes, salad recipes, and Main-course recipes.

The direct search bar will also be given to directly search for the required recipes and details about them. This project will help you to understand the implementation of the database.

The portal required PHP as a backend language, HTML, and CSS for the front end and will work just fine. 

8. Billing System for a Departmental Store

The billing system will allow the store owner to Fastrack their customer dealing time with manual work. The billing system will have an application that has all the details of items with the price.

The item information can be available for CRUD operations to make any changes to the database. The store billing system will add all the items with help of entries by searching through the database.

This project can further be extended to list the items using a handy QR code scanner, The items can be listed using the QR code of the products and identify each product with their accurate price.

The application will automatically do the total of the items available for generating the bill.

9. Pharmacy Management System

The pharmacy management system is a web-based project with a database. The pharmacy system has a lot of medicines with detailed information about them. The pharmacy will have medicines listed and allow the user to place orders. The orders can be placed online and the payments are available for online and offline modes. 

The portal will show the stocks of each medicine and decreasing real-time data. This will be a great project for intermediate developers and learners. You can make changes according to your requirement and simplify this system by removing online orders.

The online portal should have a login and register option and maintain a complete transaction portal to avail it for online ordering.

This project will help you to understand e-commerce development. Deep knowledge of databases and other product design processes.

10. Hotel Management System

Hotel management system is a DBMS mini project that offers functionalities such as a list of available rooms, rent of each available room, and customer’s details of currently staying in the hotel.

The system should allow the admin to add customers when they check-in and maintain the checkout date to notify a few hours to know the checkout customers.

The admin should be able to allocate the available room to new customers and make the status occupied. The portal should have a copy of any identity card to confirm the validity of the customers. This project will require a database and a user-friendly interface for the admin to manage it easily.


11. Blood Bank Management System DBMS project

Blood bank management system is a DBMS project that allows maintaining all the operations of the blood bank using the computerized and online portal. This will help the users to know about the blood bank and regular updates will help to know the exact status of a particular blood group.

The unit counts of all blood will be stored and updated which allows the portal visitors to look for the units of blood available. The blood donation inquiries can be done through the portal and detailed information should be mentioned.

The unit of blood sold each day should be maintained on the and keeping track of each blood group. The donors can book for appointment. This web-based project will help you to understand the real meaning of your theoretical learning.


12. Online Cake Ordering Management System DBMS project

An online cake ordering management system is a web-based application used to manage orders placed through a website. This type of software is commonly used to track customer orders, order processing, inventory control, and other business functions.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project are to develop a database management system (DBM) that will allow customers to place orders for cakes online. The DBM will include a user interface that allows customers to view their current orders, add new orders, edit existing orders, and cancel orders. The DBM will also have a back end that stores the orders in a MySQL database.


13. Car Showroom Management System DBMS mini project

The car showroom management system (DBMS) is a software application that helps manage sales transactions and inventory control for a car dealership. This type of software can be used to track customer orders, maintain a database of vehicles, and keep track of vehicle service history. A DBMS can also be used to generate reports about the performance of each individual department in the business.

Project Objectives

This project aims to create a DBMS that allows users to enter information into a database and then retrieve this data using SQL queries. The system should allow users to add, edit, delete, and display records from the database. The system should also have the ability to sort and group records based on different criteria.

A database design diagram showing the tables, fields, relationships, and constraints that are needed to implement the DBMS.


14. Cyber Cafe management system DBMS project

The Cyber Cafe Management System (CMS) is a web-based application that allows users to manage their cyber cafe operations. This includes managing customers, employees, inventory, and other aspects of running a successful business. The CMS can be used to run any type of business, but this particular implementation was designed for use at a cyber cafe.

Project objectives

The cyber cafe will have record maintenance that takes entries of the customer’s entry timing, name, and address proof. After the customer leaves the cafe their time of leaving and the price they have paid according to the time they spend. So a proper cafe price calculator on an hourly basis. A database will be required to save all the information.


15. Bike showroom management system DBMS project

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a database management system (DBMS) that can manage bike sales information. This includes the following data fields: customer name, address, phone number, email address, order history, payment method, delivery details, product details, warranty details, etc.

Database Design

A database design is used to describe how the data will be stored in the database. In this case, we are using a relational database model. A relational database has tables that contain rows and columns. Each row represents a single record and each column represents a field of data.

In our example, we have three tables: Customers, Orders, and Products. These tables are linked together through a many-to-many relationship. The Customer table contains the customer’s name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. The Order table contains the customer’s order history, including the date of the order, the products ordered, the total amount paid, the shipping costs, etc. The Product table contains the product names, descriptions, prices, images, etc.


16. Online Crime Report management system DBMS project

The purpose of this report is to describe the design and implementation of a database management system (DBMS) that can manage online crime reports from various sources. This includes police stations, hospitals, schools, etc. The DBMS should have the ability to store data about the crime reports, including information about the victim, suspect, location, time, date, description, and other relevant details. In addition, the DBMS should provide the capability to search through these records based on any of the above criteria. Finally, the DBMS should allow users to add their own data to the system.

17. Gas Booking DBMS project

The gas booking system (GBS) is a database management system that manages the data related to the gas supply and consumption at a particular location. The GBS can be used to manage the various types of gas like natural gas, propane, etc. The GBS provides the facility to book the gas supply and consumption through the use of the software. This helps in reducing the manual work involved in the gas booking process. The GBS can be developed using the Mysql database. The GBS supports the following features:

• Booking of gas supply and consumption

• Management of the billing records

• Billing of the customers

• Tracking of the usage of gas


18. Farmer Bidding System DBMS project

Farmer Bidding System (FBS) is a database management system that enables farmers to bid for their crops. Farmers can use FBS to manage their crops, including bidding for them, accepting bids from other farmers, and managing their own accounts.

This project aims to develop a web-based application using PHP and MySQL. The application will allow users to register, log in, view their account balance, place bids on crops, accept bids, and pay for crops.

The application will have a user interface that allows users to enter information about the crops they want to bid on. Users will then be able to choose what type of crop they are interested in bidding on. They will then be able to select the amount of money they would like to spend on each crop. Once this has been done, the user will be able to submit their bids. When the bids have been submitted, the farmer who placed the highest bid will win the contract. If no bids are received, then the farmer who placed the lowest bid will win the contract and receive payment.

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