Finding the Percentage- Python HackerRank Solution

Problem: Finding the Percentage

The provided code stub will read in a dictionary containing key/value pairs of name:[marks] for a list of students. Print the average of the marks array for the student name provided, showing 2 places after the decimal.


marks key:value pairs are

‘alpha’:[20, 30, 40]

‘beta’:[30, 50, 70]


The query_name is ‘beta’. beta’s average score is (30+ 50 + 70)/3=50.0 .

Input Format

The first line contains the integer n , the number of students’ records. The next  n lines contain the names and marks obtained by a student, each value separated by a space. The final line contains query_name, the name of a student to query.


  • 2<=n<=10
  • 0<=marks[i]<=100
  • lengths of marks arrays=3

Output Format

Print one line: The average of the marks obtained by the particular student correct to 2 decimal places.

Sample Input 0

Krishna 67 68 69
Arjun 70 98 63
Malika 52 56 60

Sample Output 0


Explanation 0

Marks for Malika are {52,56,60} whose average is (52+56+60)/3=>56

Sample Input 1

Harsh 25 26.5 28
Anurag 26 28 30

Sample Output 1



if __name__ == '__main__':
    n = int(input())
    student_marks = {}
    for _ in range(n):
        name, *line = input().split()
        scores = list(map(float, line))
        student_marks[name] = scores
    query_name = input()

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