Metro Rail Management System DBMS Mini project (JSP)

Metro Rail Management System is a DBMS project that offers the functionality to manage the metro rail services. The metro rail system will have a home page where all the services and information will be listed as list as a button or link.

The services such as checking the metro rail timing at a particular station, and the fare between two stations, the user can apply a request for the metro card. All these features will be added to the portal. 

There will be an admin panel to manage the services from the front end such as adding new stations, adding a new train, adding new routes, adding distance between two stations, viewing metro card applications, etc.

All these functionalities should be added to the admin panel. The database will be created to handle all these queries. 


How to run Metro Rail Management System DBMS Mini project

To run this project you need to download eclipse.

Do the entire setup for running JSP code on your eclipse IDE.

Download this project and move it to the eclipse installation project folder.

Also, You can unzip this folder in the eclipse project folder.

Import MySql Database from the .sql file in the unzipped folder.

How to run JSP in Eclipse IDE using Apache Tomcat Server (

How to run JSP code in eclipse

JSP is a Java-based technology used to create dynamic web pages. Eclipse is a popular Java IDE that can be used to develop JSP code. In this article, we will show you how to run JSP code in eclipse step by step guide.

1. First, you need to create a new project in eclipse. To do this, go to File -> New -> Project.

2. Then, select Web -> JSP Project from the list of project types.

3. Enter a project name and click Finish.

4. Now, you need to create a JSP file. To do this, right-click on the project and select New -> JSP File from the context menu.

5. Enter a file name and click Finish.

6. Now, you can write your JSP code in the file.

7. To run the JSP file, right-click on the file and select Run As -> JSP File from the context menu.

8. Eclipse will open the file in a web browser. You should see the output of your JSP code.




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