Online DJ Booking Management System DBMS Project Report

Hello learners, Today I have come up with another project called ” Online DJ Booking Management System DBMS Project “. I hope this project will help you to improve your skills.

Let’s see the intro of the project.

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This project is to provide online booking of DJ service. The user should fill out a booking form with the required details to book any service available.

This project is implemented using PHP for the backend and MySQL as the database. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for front-end development. 

Online DJ booking is a service website that will help both the user and the provider. It will reduce the time-consuming process and unnecessary crowd for booking the events.

If any information, the provider wants to share then it can be put directly on the website. The services will be more transparent so that users will be believing in the provider’s service.  

Functional and Non-Functional Requirements 

Functional Requirement 

  • The booking form should be available for the user. 
  • Users should be able to check available services. 
  • Admin dashboard login. 
  • Admin can view booking and able be to approve or reject. 
  • Manage the services. 
  • Check contacts our queries. 

Non-Functional Requirements 

  • The booking form should be correctly received by the admin. 
  • Data should be stored properly. 
  • Admin can approve and reject freely. 

ER-Diagram for Online DJ Booking Management System

DJ Booking DBMS project
ER Diagram

This is the ER diagram for the online DJ booking management system that represents the relationships between the entities.

This ER diagram will help you to design your schema and further help to design your Database.

In this project, I have used MySql Database for data storage and managing and functioning of CRUD operations.

Download the Online DJ booking management system project source code

This source code is available for anyone who wants to learn project development skills. This is an open-source project. Hence, you can make changes to it, add extra features, and design as per your requirement.

This project is only for learning and educational purpose and is not suitable for industrial use. If you use it It will be all your own risk.

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