School Management System DBMS Project


A school management system is a software application that helps in managing school operations such as student registration, attendance management, fee management, exam management, etc.

The School Management System DBMS project aims to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly software system for schools to manage their daily operations efficiently.


The objectives of the School Management System DBMS project are as follows:

  • To automate the school administration processes to save time and reduce manual errors.
  • To provide a user-friendly interface for teachers, students, and parents to access school-related information easily.
  • To enable easy communication between the school, teachers, students, and parents through the system.
  • To generate automated reports on student performance, attendance, and other relevant data to assist in decision making.

Database schema:

The School Management System DBMS project database schema will include the following tables:

  • Student table (for student details such as name, address, contact number, etc.)
  • Teacher table (for teacher details such as name, address, contact number, etc.)
  • Subject table (for subject details such as name, code, teacher assigned, etc.)
  • Class table (for class details such as name, class teacher, student count, etc.)
  • Attendance table (for tracking student attendance)
  • Exam table (for managing exam details such as date, time, subject, etc.)
  • Fees table (for managing student fee details such as due date, amount, payment status, etc.)

Application development:

The School Management System DBMS project will be developed using PHP as the backend language, MySQL as the database management system, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend.

The system will have different modules for student management, teacher management, subject management, class management, attendance management, exam management, fee management, and report generation.

The application will also include login authentication and authorization for secure access to the system.


The School Management System DBMS project will undergo different types of testing such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

The testing phase will ensure that the application meets the requirements and is functioning as expected. The system will also be tested for security vulnerabilities to ensure that it is secure from unauthorized access.

Deployment: The School Management System DBMS project will be deployed on a web server that can handle the expected traffic.

The system will be accessible through a web browser, and users will require login credentials to access the system. The deployment phase will include setting up the server, database, and application files and configuring the system to ensure optimal performance.


The School Management System DBMS project is designed to provide an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing school operations.

The system will automate most of the manual processes, reduce errors, and provide accurate and timely information to assist in decision making.

The project will require a team of developers with expertise in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure the successful development and deployment of the system.

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